Base eight estates

Working together to embody the principle of the conjoined bee of success.  The specialists of the Base Eight team transform properties to meet the unique visions of our discerning customers


About Our Company

We provide real estate upgrade and boutique rentals at a select group of elite global locations

Base eight services

House Flips

If you want to have houses or tables fipped – this is the team for you!

Acquisition and outfitting of rentals

If you want to get in to renting property – let our team of experts help with finding exactly what you’re looking for and making the property reflect your unique vision

Botique rentals

Our collection of carefully curated properties are carefully chosen to reflect a balance of mind and spirit.

Customer Testimonials

Derek Jamison

“Dave is like totes the coolest.  I’m not saying I don’t also wish he’d checked with a structural engineer before taking my wall out – but it looked great until the house came down!.”

Caroline Keller

“Bailey makes the coolest logos!  I want to have her make me somehting with an ‘s’ and a more different ‘s’.”

Janet Clarke

“They had the wrong address – but I really like the job they did on my front yard before they figured it out!”

Matt Davis

“I really like the house that Levi printed – and so does my ant farm!”